Waggliest Tail - Brian & Joanna

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Brian's sister Joanna and their award winning dog: Fancy
Brian wrote us an email about this memory:
I have memories of the dog shows at the Kerrisdale Arena!  Our dog, Fancy - a soft coated wheaten terrier -  won 'waggliest tail' and 'cutest face' one year!  They used to have lots of dog shows as I recall.
Joanna added more thoughts:

I went with Fancy several years in a row. She won several other awards like...
Best Trick Dog, Best Dressed (why she was in a costume in the photo), she excelled and won several times at the obstacle course, she even had the fastest time one year. She won for obedience as well. As Brian mentioned she also placed first for waggest tail and cutest face. Whenever she won we received a big brown shopping bag of gooddies, including; food, treats, leashes and toys. She was awarded ribbons as well. Everytime she won we got to go up on the big stage to receive the award. I remember feeling proud and think Fancy did too. 
I enjoyed participating in the event and Fancy seemed to have fun as well (my mom or dad would usually be there as well). We attended this SPCA sponsored event several years in a row. It was a great community event for kids, families and dog lovers. 

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