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George Thorogood and the Destroyers album 'Bad to The Bone' was released less than a month before the epic Kerrisdale concert held on Sept 2, 1982

Ryan sent us this email:

"I was a teenager growing up in Powell River. I think it was a Labour Day Weekend show in the early 80's.
My older cousins and their friends in Burnaby took  me to the concert. I think I was easily one of the youngest people there -
I think I was going into grade 9 or 10. 
There were  a lot of bikers and to this day, I have not seen as much confiscated liquor as I saw that night for a venue that size. They had garbage cans by each door full of not just 12 ounce  mickeys  but 26ers ,  40's and 60 ounce bottles - you know the ones with handles.
We had our liquor in zip lock bags in our crotches so we got ours in fine.
I think No Particular Place to Go (Chuck Berry) was the last song of the third encore. Towards the end of the show (I was standing and  watching from the floor) ,  someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around expecting a biker telling me to move so his ol’ lady could see. Nope it was 3 older guys I knew from the area in Powell River where I lived.
They had been at Jacks Hanging Tree (now the Roxy) before heading to the concert.
One of the best shows I have ever seen."

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