Bill Haley & His Comets - Sandra

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Sandra and Keith all decked out and on their way to Kerrisdale Arena!

Sandra attended Bill Hailey & His Comets with her brother Keith on June 27th, 1956. Jack Cullen's  Music Store sponsored the event and Sandra remembers the store along East Hastings somewhere. It was where they bought the tickets! Sandra can't exactly remember if she bought the tickets or if her mother bought them but remembers liking the music and having a good time.

Below are her memorabilia she donated to the Kerrisdale archives. Some great stuff!

The original ticket stubs! And the envelope they came in. (Notice the 'good tasting' advertisement and the cost of the tickets!)

The concert program! Sandra says $1.00 was a lot of money at the time!
This was the album that Bill Haley would be pulling songs from at the concert!

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Arena Rock


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