Rocking and rolling through December 2016 to Aug 2017, artists Lisa g Nielsen & Rene Cherrie fused sound and image to explore the exciting history of Kerrisdale Arena. 
Community members were invited to collaborate with stories, imagery, voice & memorabilia, and what you see here is the collection of ALL the stories from the community and beyond. 

The artists wish to thank all who participated:

Robin Adair
Gary Archeck
Melanie Berglind
Aaron Chapman
Monty Cordingley
Debbie Daly
Bev Davies
Kristi Delorme
Margot Delorme
Doreen Donison
Ross Durant
Norman Ferson
Gillian Forsythe
Joni Graham
Ryan Grant
Ansel Hartanto
Aaron Johnston
Kevin Kelly
Brent Kenny
Angelica Kero
Thomas Kero 
Maureen Knight
Sandra Lang
Shawn LaRock
Bert Loehner
Tom Lucas
Brian Lye
Joanna Lye
Barbara (Insley) McBride
Sharon McIntee Birrell
Heather Mirizzi
Cindy Neilson
Michael O'Connell
Garth Patrick
Jasmina Patrick
Dee Pozzolo
Red Robinson
Babara Riding
Sandra & Keith
Marion Slater
Carla Smith 
Leona Stich
Lori Stromberg
Alan Tapper
Paul Thompson
Alan Thorgood
Marcia Vale
Tania Vasilyev
Timothy Vasilyev
Barbara Wagner
Bev (Meakin) Weaver
Leonard Williamson
Joy Yorath

Additional media courtesy of:

H.E. Addington
Harry Atkinson 
Bob Ayers 
Bad Reputations Roller 
Derby Team
Bev Davies
Scott Engelhardt
Goth Gargoyle
L.P. Harrison
Scott D Hemenway
Lee Holt
Aaron Johnston
Kerrisdale Community Centre Society
Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club 
John Kurucz
Red Robinson/Phil Mackesy 
Greg McKinnon
Terminal City Roller Girls
Dan Toulgoet

The project outcome was threefold: 
1. Collect community stories and share them all on this blog (no story too small!) in the form of  text, photography and simple video vignettes (the artists are calling them video 'sketches').

2. Create an installation in the foyer of the arena that will include a cozy place to sit, images on the walls and columns and a television where the experimental documentary will play.
Please visit Kerrisdale Arena (5670 East Blvd, Vancouver BC) to watch the 35 minute documentary and explore the wall collages!

3. Create a two-channel immersive installation screening in the Kerrisdale Arena itself that was Wednesday AUGUST 30th, 2017 5-9pm. Thanks to all who attended, it was a magical night!

The artists outside the Kerrisdale Arena - photo by Dan Toulgoet

Lisa g and Rene C have been working and performing together since 2006. 
Rene creates music and wanted to try his hand at interview and interview editing and Lisa has been enamoured with video storytelling since 1997. 
Besides the Kerrisdale Arena Rock project, they most recently created 3 music videos about the struggle to keep our natural world. 
Check out bunny