Here is the single channel version of the Arena Rock video! Thanks to the community for such amazing stories! Rock on!

Big thanks to Margaret Gallagher for her interest in the project!
Check out the online version of the story to hear the interview!

Please join us for the grand unveiling of the completed Arena Rock project!

Wednesday August 30th, 2017
at the Kerrisdale Arena ~ 5670 East Blvd



What to expect??

The Kerrisdale Arena foyer will be transformed with Arena stories as told by the community!
A looping video! A 2-channel one time only video installation!
Posters that tell the fabulous history of this great Arena!


Kevin organized a skateboard event in the Kerrisdale Arena in 2009 here is what he had to say:

"When I first opened my shop I was really trying to bridge the gap between community centres and the skateboard community and trying to work together..."

Here is a video that Kevin shared with us as well:

Barb met with us at the Arena and with all her years of involvement within the Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club, here is just a snippet:

"In the late 1980's Dr. (Helmut) May was involved in setting up a sports school..."

The office of the Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club

Barb dressed perfectly for a day at the Arena!

A cool vintage Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club sweater from the 1960's!

Lori emailed us to share her relationship to the Kerrisdale Arena...

"I have an original poster advertising The Clash concert at Kerrisdale Arena June 26, 1982 which I was also fortunate to attend .  Myself and a few of my classmates skipped our Point Grey Aftergrad earlier in that same month that year to attend The Jam concert.  Such a phenomenal venue with a venerable history."

Barb Insley McBride so kindly chatted with us one morning at the Kerrisdale Seniors Centre. She was involved with the Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club and quite a skater...

"That's called the stag jump, that was my signature jump, it wasn't difficult for me although I am glad someone took a picture of it, there's proof!"

Here is Barb, age 10, playing the 'boy' part in the Carnival