KFSC scrapbook - Maureen

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Maureen brought the Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club scrapbooks to the Arena one afternoon...

"I started skating here in 1950, in fact I used my babysitting money, 25 cents an hour, to pay for my Kerrisdale Figure Skating Club membership! 
I've been in some of the Carnivals but I wasn't a competitive skater. I didn't have the money for 'patch' (when you practiced your figures) but if you were a member of the club and the community centre you could skate in the mornings for free! So I would haul across on the bus with my skates and books and do 'patch' for free and then go to school!

They used to put a rope up at the end of the rink and Dr Helmut May would be teaching figure skating and the other part of the rink was used for the public and I would watch and listen and copy and he noticed this and then got a group of us together and taught us together once a month! I really liked the figures. I eventually went into adult dance sessions and even won a 'senior dance' trophy with my partner Gordon Fox in 1963."

Top left Maureen and Gord in 1963

"I'm now one the board of the KFSC."

Here are a few more of Maureen's memories....

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