Building of the ARENA - Tom & Deb

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Tom and Deb met us at the Kerrisdale Senior Centre and told us about their Grandfather, Nick Lucas, who was  involved with getting the Kerrisdale Arena built. Nick was an entrepreneur and very interested in building community.

Tom mentioned in an email: 
There used to be two bronze plaques in both the Arena and the Kerrisdale Community Centre, commemorating the work that Nick and the Kiwanis Club had done to get this project underway. 

Deb shared this fond memory:

“I can remember driving with Grandad in his cadillac, he always had a cadillac, we all took turns, there are 5 boys and myself in our family, and leaving his house at 33rd Avenue and Marguerite Street, Grandad would know how to shift gears and ride the brakes so we could drive all through downtown and all the way to the north shore without stopping at one traffic light!”

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