Skate Shop - Kristi

by June 28, 2017 0 comments
Kristi works in the skate shop once a week now for fun, but she basically grew up at the Arena - first taking lessons, then as part of the figure skating club and then teaching kids how to skate. She invited us to pop by and have a chat. 

When I asked her if there were any ghosts in the building she said:

"Mostly at night, when there is less people around, I've often out of the corner of my eye seen someone walking down to the men's washroom and when I turned to get a better look at them - there is nobody there! It's just a feeling that all of sudden there is somebody here and yet there is no one physically around.  I just wave or say hi and then keep going with what I am doing. I like it, it is one of the fun things that this old place has, it has lots of character!"

Here are more things that Kristi shared:

Arena Rock


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