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Ross sent a series of emails that captures the choices of a teenager in the 60's...

One of the last Yardbirds concerts with Jimmy Page as guitarist was July 31st 1968 at the Kerrisdale Arena.  2 shows, afternoon and evening. I saw them 8 months earlier at the Gardens PNE...

At 16 years old I had to choose between The Yardbirds for a second time in eight months or the Mothers of Invention that same summer. I saw the Mothers of Invention instead at Kerrisdale Arena. I wished I'd seen The Yardbirds cuz I like them so much more than the Mother's. On the Wikipedia website it said the last Yardbirds concert was in mid-july in England but this poster (below) for the concert on July 31st is proof that information is wrong.

I did see Frank Zappa & the Mothers. That recording you sent me - which is amazing - confirms one thing, it was the worst concert I ever went to.  I saw so many contemporary groups back in that time period, many progressive rock bands of the day. I loved the psychedelic bands of the era breaking ground on new styles and great rock. I had seen the Jefferson Airplane, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Cream, The Doors and many great local psychedelic bands in the months before The Mother’s of Invention.

I never came close to connecting with what Zappa was doing musically but I did appreciate the fact they were so avant-garde, non mainstream music.I know Frank Zappa was a very influential pioneer in many music circles and influenced a lot of groups I loved from the 60’s. I’ve always appreciated that about him and he was a damn fine guitar player.

I can’t say they inspired me at all and the recording is proof to me. Very interesting to hear it all these years later thank you so much for that!

I  have 1/2 the ticket ticket stub from the Mothers of Invention concert August 25th, 1968 at Kerrisdale Arena.

I always regretted seeing Frank Zappa and not the Yardbirds one more time. Awwh life’s choices….lol.

Led Zeppelin was formed shortly after this concert. Poster signed by Bob Masse.

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